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Your Investment Portfolio

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Once we determine an appropriate asset allocation for you, MAI implements your investment strategy using a combination of proprietary and external investment offerings.

We believe that when evaluating external money managers, passive investment vehicles or asset allocation opportunities, it helps to be in the financial markets managing money ourselves.  Therefore we directly manage securities where we see an opportunity to add value through our perspective, expertise in the area and focus on our client needs.


Equity Strategies

Dividend Strategy

  • Seek total return with significant and growing contribution from dividends
  • Emphasis on stocks that demonstrate long- term growth potential based on fundamental factors
  • Equities evaluated on criteria such as valuation, profitability, earnings growth, and balance sheet strength
  • Resulting portfolio is typically comprised of 30-40 mega and large capitalization companies that have and are expected to grow their dividend

Core Equity Strategy

  • Seek total return with primary contribution from capital appreciation
  • Focus on companies that have a significant and durable competitive advantage, high return on invested capital, above average sales growth, strong balance sheets, and shareholder-oriented management
  • Resulting portfolio is typically composed of 30-40 mega, large and mid-cap companies that have the best combination of these characteristics but are also reasonably priced


Fixed Income

Fixed income portfolios are customized to meet your unique requirements specific to tax status and state of residence, target duration, credit quality, and cash flow needs.  Our approach features:

  • Disciplined individual security selection and portfolio construction
  • Ability to access strong credit issues that are too small to “move the needle” for mega investment firms, insurance companies and pension funds
  • Ability to capitalize on market inefficiencies to maximize the total return potential, rather than taking on elevated levels of credit or interest rate risk
  • Flexibility to employ various fixed income instruments including, but not limited to, municipal, government, corporate and preferred securities

Additional information on strategies & risks can be found in MAI's ADV2A.