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Asset Allocation

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We believe diversification among equity, credit and alternative asset classes and investment strategies is a foundation of successful investing.  Asset classes respond differently to various economic environments so the combination of several in a portfolio may help to mitigate poor performance of any single asset class over certain time periods and sustain progress toward your goals.


Visualization of MAI's process of asset allocation

Our internal team of investment professionals monitors markets — attuned and responsive to changing conditions, looking for market inefficiencies and ways that we might profit as well as new risks we may seek to mitigate or avoid. Our interactions with investment management teams around the world provide diversification, insight, and perspective that go beyond our internal expertise.

We develop a targeted asset allocation implemented through our Flexible Investment Framework which allows for a custom blend of separately managed accounts, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, individual stocks, structured notes, government/corporate/municipal bonds, and money market instruments. Over time we make tactical adjustments to your allocation based on opportunities or risks in the market.