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Investment Management

MAI’s investment professionals develop an unbiased, comprehensive investment plan customized for you. The key attributes of MAI’s investment management process are:



We work with you to define and prioritize your objectives by considering your investment time horizon and by balancing goals for preservation and growth of capital with tolerance for risk and cash flow/income requirements.


Develop Investment Policy Statement

We document an investment strategy tailored to your personal risk tolerance and financial goals.


Determine & Implement Investment Strategy

We develop and implement a targeted asset allocation. Over time we may make tactical adjustments to your allocation based on opportunities or risks in the market.


Ongoing Interaction

Just as we collaborate with you in developing and implementing your plan, we find it equally important to monitor your investments with you and adjust investment strategies to reflect your evolving needs.


Reporting and Reviews

We strive to keep you well informed with transparent reporting, not overwhelm you with information.