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Comprehensive Wealth Management

You’ve taken risks and made intelligent decisions to reach a level of success unique to you and your family.  For nearly 50 years, we have partnered with successful clients which has given us insight and experience across all types of financial needs and life’s unexpected situations.  Our proven, personal process is transparent and supports close communication with your trusted network of advisors, relationships, and family members.  How do we support your peace of mind?

We make it a priority to build a meaningful partnership with those who entrust their future to us.  Before we make any recommendations, we take the time to know you, your goals and your concerns while at the same time you get to know us and the value we bring to you and your family.

MAI’s experienced wealth management team partners with you to coordinate the many disciplines necessary to work through the complexity of your financial life.  We work with you to prioritize goals and develop a measurable, prudent plan.

Through our integrated wealth management services, we strive to help you achieve personal financial goals, an enhanced quality of life, and satisfaction with your contribution to the causes that matter to you most.  At MAI, success is defined by the goals we set and achieve together.

Our independence and fiduciary business model results in positioning your interests first.  Our work together with you may include:

MAI’s account executives coordinate an authentic financial planning process for each client and implement that plan with support from their specialized service departments. They actively monitor financial activities for clients including receipt of income, expenses, and stock options. They consult and advise on clients’ financial transactions and provide a summary of their financial progress. A terrific plan is only of value if it is actually implemented. We have the multi-generational planning experience, tools and techniques to implement strategies in coordination with your attorneys.

MAI is registered as an investment advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission and manages $15.4 billion of client assets as of December 31, 2022.  A team of investment professionals and wealth managers develop and implement an appropriate asset allocation model for each client.  MAI has the capability to find, use, and monitor managers across a wide range of asset classes within equities, fixed income and alternatives.

Seasoned tax professionals are fully capable of handling the complex international, federal and multi-state issues that arise from various compensation structures and multiple residences. MAI’s internal tax group prepares U.S. and Canadian tax returns on an annual basis and coordinates necessary international tax filing requirements as well as audit representation as needed. The tax group works closely with account executives to review quarterly tax projections and plan for any major financial transaction such as aircraft ownership, foundations, and business transactions.

MAI has the people, systems and infrastructure to handle personal and business bank transactions, including payroll services. These include payments, wire transfers, retirement plan deferrals and the coordination of all personal and business expenses, reported monthly on their general ledger. This service can be extended to personal foundations and service corporations.

MAI clients are charitable-minded and enjoy the privilege of giving. MAI currently helps clients administer public and private foundations. We can help you structure CLATs, CRUTs, NIMCRUTS, CGAs, and the entire alphabet soup of charitable trusts as well as with organizing fundraising events. Whether you are a corporate executive seeking to make a donation of appreciated stock, a retired business owner seeking to make required IRA distributions to a charity, or a professional athlete seeking to honor the memory of a loved one, our specialized advice on charitable giving will be able to assist you.