Investment Management


Investment Philosophy

Our wealth advisors collaborate with a seasoned, in-house investment team to design your customized, long-term financial plan.

  • We create a customized portfolio strategy to address your specific and unique needs, priorities, and aspirations
  • We invest to achieve goals
  • We invest with patience through the ups and downs of market cycles
  • We invest with humility by taking limited concentration risk
  • We control the controllable by minimizing portfolio expenses and taxes through efficient asset selection and location, low turnover, and tax-loss harvesting
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Investment Process

  • Discovery: We work with you to define your objectives by considering income & expenses, assets & liabilities, timing, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance
  • Strategic Allocation: We help determine the appropriate long-term strategic allocation for your unique situation and risk  tolerance
  • Tactical Allocation: We analyze market trends to tilt your allocation toward the most attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities within the equity, fixed income, and alternative asset classes
  • Portfolio Construction: Utilizing an open architecture framework, we work with you to construct your portfolio with the most appropriate investment vehicles for your situation
  • Monitoring: We continuously monitor the portfolio to ensure it remains on track to meet your goals. We strive to keep you well informed with transparent reporting and regular communication

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We look forward to learning about your financial goals.