What is a Family Office?


Our Family Office team provides concierge-level services to those who are frustrated with the challenges of managing significant financial wealth and concerned about the stability of their family as it relates to responsibly stewarding their wealth. They are also motivated to take the stress and pressure off of being their own quarterback and establish a secure plan regarding all aspects of the family and wealth. Our team addresses the family’s needs by providing solutions around multiple integrated issues. We are the centralized, trusted advocate for the family, from working with your legal team to taxes, accounting, and business issues to very personal plans and advice.

Do you need Family Office services?  The families we serve typically answer YES to one or more of these questions:

  1. Do you hold institutional level financial capital? (Generally defined as greater than $25 million)
  2. Do you hold assets across various investment managers, custodians, and private deals?
  3. Do you have multiple, complex legal entities? (Trusts, partnerships, LLCs, Foundations)
  4. Do you spend a great deal of time managing communications with your CPA, attorney, insurance broker, or banker?
  5. Are you worried about the impact of your wealth on your children and/or future generations?
  6. Do you want to provide a trusted, central resource for your spouse and children?
  7. Do you want to minimize stress surrounding financial matters?
  8. Do you have the desire to leave behind a philanthropic legacy?
  9. Are you apprehensive about your personal/business strategy or about obtaining competitive fees and prices on products and services?
  10. Are you concerned about your level of potential income tax or estate liabilities?
  11. Do you have recent or pending transactions? Recent or pending turnover in service providers?
  12. Do you want to learn the best practices of others in similar situations?

If you have a desire to learn more about Family Office services, please contact MAI Regional Director, Joan Malloy, at Joan.Malloy@MAI.Capital

Information updated as of 03.28.2023.

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