How Are Alternative Markets Being Shaped by the Current Bank Failures?


Alternative investing comes with its own set of opportunities, risks, tax implications, and liquidity restrictions.  At MAI, our goal is to seek out the best risk-adjusted return opportunities across public and private markets and implement them in the most optimal way for our clients’ unique set of goals and objectives.

On the most recent Market Update, John Zaller, CIO of MAI Capital, was joined by Director and Portfolio Manager in MAI’s Alternative Investment Group, Ben Sayer, to discuss how recent events are shaping the outlook for alternative markets.

Key Points:

  1. The alternative investment area continues to be a place of innovation and opportunity, but we are finding that they are not completely immune to interest rates rising rapidly.
  2. The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and its ties to private equity and venture capital spaces have created tighter financial conditions overall, as private equity and real estate are both underpinned by the use of credit.
  3. While a downturn in real estate values is expected, it may not happen as soon as everyone thinks. We will most likely see a slow-motion downturn, especially in office space and multifamily spaces, and continue to see a structural housing shortage nationally.
  4. Despite the recent events, the MAI team still sees opportunities in alternatives. The housing shortage could create value in affordable housing and the team sees additional opportunities in triple net real estate as well as private equity and venture capital investments.

As we continue to see a period of choppy markets ahead at the intersection of restrictive monetary policy and a weakening economy, we believe alternatives overall can continue to be a source of portfolio ballast, but there will be winners and losers.  Discipline and diversification are imperative in the selection process.

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