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COVID-19: MAI Health and Wealth Update with University Hospitals

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Key Takeaways from MAI's Health and Wealth Broadcast with Cleveland's University Hospitals

1. Citizens, leaders and professionals are coming together to help flatten the curve - Americans are working together - and doing so quickly - to overcome the coronavirus crisis. National and local leaders are coordinating to keep people safe; citizens are adhering to social distancing mandates to flatten the curve; researchers and drug makers are moving quickly to test vaccines; healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to treat sick patients. Collectively, we have responded efficiently and these are positive signs of continued momentum in public and economic health.

2. Ultimately the U.S. will chart its own path to recovery - U.S. leaders are looking to China, Italy and other nations for insight into what does and does not work; however, it is not a direct comparison. One measure that has been effective abroad - and proving so in the U.S., too - is social distancing. Our nation’s medical professionals and business and political leaders will continue to work cooperatively to safeguard our health and navigate our course to recovery.

3. We’re in store for a new normal - Importantly, we’re observing a new dynamic: a financial crisis prompted by a medical crisis; this is a scenario we haven’t seen before. The lessons learned and societal changes we’re observing right now are likely to extend beyond the current “stay at home” orders. While workplaces will welcome back employees, there may be an increased need for new rules around remote work and adequate sick time.

Rick, Tom and Dr. Salata also invited questions from the audience and touched on several important topics, including whether the general public should be wearing personal protective equipment, if consumers should take advantage of the tax deadline extension, timeline estimates on a return to “normal,” lessons learned from the crisis and more.


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