Protecting Your Future

MAI Retirement’s mission is building successful retirement programs for employers and employees.


Guiding Plan Sponsors

  • Protect plan fiduciaries
  • Ensure plan efficiency and compliance
  • Minimize total plan cost
  • Enhance investment opportunities
  • Prepare employees for retirement
  • Increase understanding of plan responsibilities

Simplifying Your Future

We take a customized approach and offer a complete and integrated platform to help clients achieve their retirement plan goals, including 401(k) services, fiduciary-based retirement plan consulting, and financial wellness programs for businesses.

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Fiduciary Support

Comprehensive and ongoing fiduciary guidance, training and support to mitigate potential liabilities.

ERISA Consulting

Inhouse ERISA expertise to navigate your plan through complex regulatory issues.

Fee Benchmarking

RFP driven process to ensure apple-to-apple comparisons and to help maximize a plan’s negotiating leverage

Investment Analysis

RPAG’S Scorecard System aims to enhance outcomes, manage risks, and reduce fiduciary exposure.

Target Date Fund Consulting

Advanced risk-based suitability process to identify a “best-fit” target date fund series that is right for your plan.

Customized Financial Wellness

Your employees may not be financial experts. You can help them reach their full retirement income potential through a customized financial wellness program.

Purposeful Plan Design

Develop ‘next generation’ retirement plans that leverage the latest innovations in behavioral finance while incorporating ongoing legislative changes.

Participant Advice

Ability to offer individual customized advice for plan participants.