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Originally established as Investment Advisors International, Inc. in 1973, IAI was an affiliate of International Management Group (IMG), the world’s premier sports and lifestyle management and marketing firm founded by Mark McCormack.  IAI originally served the needs of athletes who were looking for diversified financial management. 

Both IAI and IMG evolved from a handshake deal between Arnold Palmer and Mark McCormack in which Palmer accepted McCormack's offer to handle his business affairs so that Palmer could concentrate on golf.  Over the years, IAI expanded its client service to include not only athletes but also corporate executives and wealthy families.

In 2000, McCormack Advisors International, LLC was formed to succeed IAI’s business as a joint venture between IAI and a major integrated financial institution.  In 2002, the joint venture was dissolved and the firm returned to its roots as a provider of independent financial advice to its clients.  McCormack Advisors International became fully independent of IMG in 2004.

On January 31, 2007, BC Investment Partners, LLC, also independently owned, acquired McCormack Advisors International LLC and renamed the merged firm MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC ("MAI").  In 2014, MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC changed its name to MAI Capital Management, LLC to reflect the firm's growth in markets served and its ability to discover and innovate targeted solutions to meet clients' needs.  MAI still holds true to the values of its history of providing reliable service to unique clients with complex financial lives.

On July 10, 2017, MAI formed a partnership with Wealth Partners Capital Group, LLC ("WPCG"), a financial services holding company, to facilitate MAI's growth strategy.  The partnership underscores MAI's client-centric approach and culture. 

























Originally established as Investment Advisors International, Inc. and evolved from a handshake between Arnold Palmer and Mark McCormack

McCormack Advisors becomes independent of IMG

Acquired by BC Investment Partners, LLC renamed firm MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC

MAI adopts and implements a single global investment performance standard ("GIPS") 

MAI acquires a majority interest in CF Managers, LLC, owner of Clutterbuck Capital Management, LLC

Firm renamed from MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC to MAI Capital Management, LLC

MAI expands office to west coast - Irvine, California

MAI forms partnership with Wealth Partners Capital Group, LLC ("WPCG"), a Florida-based financial services holding company, to facilitate ongoing growth via acquisition

February 2018 - MAI acquires the wealth management division of Calfee Financial Advisors, Inc., expanding its presence in the greater Cleveland area

April 2019 - MAI acquires the wealth management division of CCI Financial Group, Inc.

June 2019 - MAI acquires MTX Wealth Management, LLC, expanding its footprint to the greater Washington, D.C. region

July 2019 - MAI acquires John D. Dovich & Associates, LLC, establishes a location in Cincinnati, Ohio

December 2019 - MAI acquires Rodman Capital Management

December 2019 - MAI acquires J.M. Hartwell LP, extending its reach to New York City

May 2020 - MAI acquires Grisanti Capital Management, LLC, building on its expansion to New York City

September 2020 - MAI launches MAI Sports + Entertainment, elevating MAI's 45-year history of providing comprehensive wealth management services to athletes and entertainment professionals

November 2020 - MAI acquires Greenway Family Office, LLC, extending its reach to St. Louis

December 2020 - MAI acquires Smith Capital Management, Inc., establishes an office in Little Rock, Arkansas

February 2021 - MAI acquires HW Financial Advisors, adding financial planning expertise in greater Cleveland region

April 2021 - MAI acquires the wealth management division of Ownership Advisors, expanding its wealth management team and enhancing its presence in the Greater Cleveland area

April 2021 - MAI acquires MWM Investment Consulting, expanding its footprint in Florida and enhancing its investment management capabilities

September 2021 - MAI acquires Geier Asset Management, strengthening its mid-Atlantic footprint while enhancing its delivery of comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services

September 2021 - MAI acquires Storey & Associates, expanding its presence within the Greater Cleveland Region and adding to its financial planning and asset management expertise